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DSP Audio Filter for SSB or CW PDF Print E-mail
PRODUCT - Accessories

This DSP audio filter consists of 2 CW filters and 6 SSB filters, with a de-noise algorithm, it is used to improve the received audio condition and qualities of your TRX。It's quite useful when you work in SSB or CW mode. The unit is really helpful when working with your old transeivers or qrp kits.

















Last Updated on Monday, 10 November 2014 17:01
GA-60 Antenna Analyzer PDF Print E-mail
PRODUCT - RF Test equipment

GA-60 1-60MHz Antenna Analyzer is a light-weight compact RF tool that enables you to measure several RF parameters of your antennas or other loads. With a built-in 16x2 LCD screen, it measures the SWR, Z, Rx, and Rs, values and shows the readings on it. Moreover, it is also designed with a built-in blue-tooth module, which enables this analyzer to be connected to your Smart Phones or the Tablet PCs (Android Devices Only). With the unique specially designed App, the analyzer's readings can be converted to the graphic curve shows on your android devices. This analyzer originates the famous sarks-100 kit, so the unit's standalone operation is the same to the sarks-100. We redesigned the power supply, the charging circuitry, and put it into a small light-weight enclosure. A software App for the android devices is also supplied for the graphic shows on your Tablet PCs and Smart Phones. All of these makes the GA-60 more powerful, more multifunctional, and easier to use with. The unit can be powered from the 3 AAA-Size re-chargeable batteries or the USB power source.

The GA-60 package only weighs 0.6 pounds, and it fits comfortably in one hand for convenient bench work or the field testing, which really is a nice partner for Radio Amateurs, and RF engineers.


Last Updated on Monday, 10 November 2014 15:43
PRODUCT - Antenna Tuner

CG3000-4CG-3000 automatic antenna tuner (ATU) can cover whole HF amateur bands. It uses multi signal processing circuit to switch L/C to make perfect matching between your radio and antenna system. Fast tuning, less than 2 seconds for first initialized matching. 200 memory channels to store the minimum SWR value to make further tuning.


Last Updated on Monday, 10 November 2014 13:18
AW07A SWR HF/VHF/UHF Antenna Analyzer PDF Print E-mail
PRODUCT - RF Test equipment


AW07A    AW07A antenna analyzer is a compact battery powered RF impedance analyzer. It can test the SWR status of your antenna, measure the impedance and reactance component and help you to solve antenna problems. This unit combines six basic parts: a variable oscillator, frequency counter, independent oscillator, 50 ohm RF bridge detector, an A-D converter, and microcontroller. This compact product was built to feed the need for the solid construction and field test. The operating frequency range of this unit goes from HF, and extends up to 490MHz. It is specially designed for analyzing 50ohm antenna system. It measures RF impedances from a few ohms to several hundred ohms. The AW07A is also an L/C meter, measuring the values of capacitors and inductors. Additionally, it could be a non-precision signal source and frequency counter. With a built-in RF strength meter, it tests the RF field strength near your antenna system, and it’s very useful when you need to know the RF interference status around your station. (Manual updated to V1.6, more step by step operations.)

Price: $229.99 USD   

Last Updated on Monday, 10 November 2014 13:24

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